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How can I be sure I'll like my custom piece?

During the process of discussing your perfect piece, I provide sketched bird's eye and profile illustrations of multiple stone and setting layouts for you to choose from. These sketches are very close to the final product and give a good indication of what your piece will look like in real life so there is no reason for you to feel surprised at the outcome of your ring, it will be as close to the sketches as possible.

How much is shipping?

Shipping rates vary depending on where you live. I am based in Sacramento, California, USA. I value the package correctly and insure for the full amount.

Do you ship internationally and how long does it take?

I do ship internationally to a select number of countries, please check with me before ordering. Please be aware that in many countries, you will need to pay import duties which is dependent on the value and materials of the piece being shipped. This can be several hundred dollars depending on the value of the piece you ordered, so bear that in mind when considering your budget.

Any customs and import duty fees are your responsibility. Please look into customs fees in your country before ordering. Legally, I must list the item's correct value. I am unable to undervalue on customs forms for insurance purposes.

Shipping diamond jewellery can also be a long process since it is a controlled item that travels through several check points. It will be going through several clearance agencies, customs and borders before arriving at your destination. I do my best to keep track of any packages sent overseas. Occasionally, some jurisdictions request further customs information which can lead to a delay in shipping so please order with plenty of time.

An example price for shipping:  A $5000 diamond engagement ring being sent to Europe could cost $160 for shipping, with a travel period of 10-15 days, with several holds and delays at borders for inspection and a customs duty fee of $200 before collecting. Please understand that your delivery date may often change throughout the international delivery service.


How long will my piece take to make?

Lead time on any piece begins once all details are finalized and once a first or full payment is made. Currently, my lead time 10-12 weeks for custom items. If your piece is particularly complicated it may exceed the lead time.

Made to order pieces currently have a leads time of 2-3 weeks.

How do I find out my ring size?

I recommend getting professionally sized. Most friendly jewellery stores will size you for free. Sorry, I can't guess a ring size and don't recommend that you do either. Some of my designs cannot be resized so knowing your correct ring size is important.

Can you work to my budget?

Yes. Price really depends on what stones and alloys you choose but I can help guide you on what's available within your budget. Custom work commands a higher price compared to made-to-order or ready to ship, the simple reason is because there is a lot more work involved. Custom work usually begins around $1500 and I only take custom work in gold.

Do you take payment plans?

I have ShopPay instalments enabled which allows customers in the USA to split the full amount (up to $3000) into up to 4 payments. I also offer the option of paying  half up front and half on completion of the piece.

Do you work with customer's stones?

I do not work with customer stones as I am not insured to do so.

Can you melt down my grandmother's gold ring to be made into something else?

Yes I can! However there are a few details to consider. The piece cannot be plated, it must be hallmarked and I will test to make sure we are working with solid gold.  

It is untrue that using your own gold is a more economical way to create a customised ring. 50% new gold needs to be added to make sure the alloy is workable. What you save in gold, is added in refining labour as we are working from scratch.


What if I don't like my ring or custom design when I receive it? 

I have never had a customer unhappy with their custom designed piece of jewellery. While it can be difficult for some people to imagine a sketched design as a real life piece of jewellery, I endeavor to make the piece exactly to the dimensions I have designed for you. Familiarise yourself with my work for a greater understanding of how your piece will turn out. My most up to date work can be seen on instagram

I have a nickel allergy but I want my piece in white gold?

You're in luck! I only use palladium white gold which is nickel free. I use this as standard since anyone can develop an allergy to nickel at any stage of life. Palladium white gold has a higher price point than yellow and rose gold.

Do you work in platinum?

I do not fabricate in platinum like I do with gold and silver. I am able to have pieces cast into platinum from a design we create together. 

I changed my mind and want to return my piece of jewellery, can I do that?

All sales are final and I cannot offer any exchanges or refunds unless I have made a clear mistake on my end. With this in mind please order with great consideration.

Under no circumstances are there refunds for custom made pieces.

It is important to know your ring size before ordering, I cannot guess for you. Some of my designs can be resized (for a fee) and others cannot, please bear this in mind before you purchase.

I proposed to my fiancee/fiance with a custom ring and they said no, can I send the ring back for a refund?

I'm sorry that happened, but no.

My jewellery arrived broken or damaged, what do I do?

I'm sorry that happened! I will need to see photographic evidence of the broken piece, the damaged packaging and any other evidence since I will need to provide this to my shipping courier to make an insurance claim. You must inform me of this immediately, I cannot make insurance claims on packages beyond seven days after receiving the item. It is your responsibility to make sure you are home to receive your Amy Ambrose jewellery. Lost or stolen packages are not my responsibility after they have been confirmed delivered.

My pieces ship in sturdy mailer boxes and the jewellery within is held in rigid card gift boxes and ring boxes.

I have not yet had a customer who has received a damaged item.

My stone or stones are wobbly in my setting, what do I do?

Stop wearing the piece immediately! If you have noticed that stones are moving about in their settings and it is less than a year after you purchased your piece then I will be more than happy to tighten up the setting for you. This can occasionally happen with prong set stones and smaller faceted gemstones due to prongs lifting and is normal from time to time. It is important you stop wearing the piece immediately after you notice this issue. Get in touch with me for a shipping address to return your ring to me. All shipping costs are your responsibility for this service. 

Additionally, if you notice your stones are loose in their settings and you have had your piece for over a year, there is a $50 service fee to tighten and spruce up your piece. Not including insured shipping costs.

A prong lifting is a result of lovingly wearing your piece, some people are harder on their jewellery than others (👋 hello) and require an annual prong tightening just to make sure everything is still set in place, you'll also receive a nice polish too!

How can I care for my jewellery?

Please see my jewellery care page HERE


I have decided against a custom piece of jewellery but the design process is already underway and I think you have already started creating my piece, can I get a refund?

No, absolutely not. I cannot provide any refunds on confirmed commissions. If you have paid in full or made your initial payment it is likely that the piece is well into the design and making process with supplies already ordered. As a small business, I take on commissions based on my availability and this is factored into projected revenue. Revenue based on the number of commissions I have down the pipeline is calculated into my monthly business expenses, I cannot provide a refund because your circumstances have changed. This is something you must consider very carefully before committing to custom design work. 

Can I see photos of the process?

I love taking progress photos but sometimes when I am in the flow of working it is difficult to break away and take photographs. I endeavor to take at least one photograph of the piece being made if it is a fabricated piece. For designs that are outsourced for casting and ornate gemstone setting you can request photographs of some stages of the ring being made. However, these only include the CAD/CAM images of the design, wax model and final piece and also cost an additional $50 as this is not within my control when the piece is outsourced for particular services.