Find Out Your Ring Size

So before I start I have to this at your own peril! If you can get measured then get measured.  This is really a last resort.

However.....If, like me, you are sort of lazy or introverted or just don't want to interact with other human beings, you can use the following method to find your ring size. I would always advise getting measured with proper ring sizers but this is the next best thing.

Bear in mind, you will need to be very precise. I have found that taking 1mm off the measurement gets me my perfect ring size.

People with wider knuckles than their finger base will need to measure their knuckle AND their finger base and find the median or request an open "adjustable" ring.


Follow these instructions carefully to find your ring size at home.

You will need:

  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • A ruler with mm measurement



  1. Cut a strip of paper, about 5mm wide.
  2. Wrap it as snugly as possible around the base of your desired ring finger, until the paper overlaps.
  3. Mark where the end overlaps and be accurate!
  4. Cut precisely on the the inside edge of the mark
  5. Measure the paper strip against your ruler and check it against the chart below to find your size to the nearest half or quarter.  Do this at least 3 times or until you are getting the same measurement each time. 


Always measure your fingers when they are an average temperature, taking into account that fingers swell and shrink with heat and cold. You will be able to get away with a quarter size difference with any ring size you choose, it just won't be your "perfect" fit.

    If a ring isn't your size but you love it, It's always better to have it be slightly too large so you can add some stackers to help your finger fill it out.  Too small and it won't even be able to sit on your finger.