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Spinel Moissanite ring

Spinel Moissanite ring

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A semi-hand cut raw grey-purple spinel sits alongside a sparkling moissanite set in 14k gold on a sterling silver band.

This rough spinel has been lightly faceted in keeping with its original octahedron shape. An open inclusion on its face serves to remind the wearer of its authentic origins when it was created millions of years ago. Set in 14k yellow  gold claws.

Accented by a 3mm Stuller moissanite offering a fiery juxtaposition to its organic counterpart.

The band has an organic fused metal and speckle texture with each indentation on the narrowed shoulders representing a single hammer and punch blow. 


A note from me on the design of this ring:

This spinel & moissanite ring is quite an unusual design for me. I rarely do just one accent stone with my freeform stones.

However, this time because there was so much going on with the centre stone that a very sentimental concept just spoke to me...

During the cutting process - which for this stone was just polishing the already naturally made top facet - a white inclusion, likely dolomite, was pulled from the stone. In its place remains an open cavity.

I was bummed but then I remembered ...I am an unconventional woman who can do what she wants haha. This stone is too cool to sit in storage until I can cut it down again and if I tried to polish out the cavity I will lose most of the stone.

The shape of the cavity almost matches the pavilion of a faceted stone. I thought carefully about how I could use this stone and decided that this piece was going to be all about symbolism...

The sizeable void in an otherwise beautiful stone is representative of imperfection or a cup waiting to be filled. The moissanite, all shiny and perfect represents a match for the stone. It could sit in the void and wouldn't fit perfectly but it would rest comfortably, filling the void.

To me this ring symbolises the human connection. No single person is perfect but if you are lucky enough, you might meet somebody and become a perfect match.

Spinel has no cleavage plane, that means it will not split from a weakened place like this surface void. This piece would likely not be suitable for 24/7 wear but you could certainly wear it regularly. Spinel has a hardness of 8 which is excellent for daily wear.


Size 7.5

Can be resized

7mm semi-raw spinel

3mm GHI Stuller Moissanite 

All metals  are 100% recycled alloys, no new gold or silver.

Please note: I have tried to capture the true colour of the spinel in indoor and outdoor lighting but not everyone is going to have the same lighting or screen settings as me. The colour sometimes reads mulberry and sometimes grey but usually somewhere in between the  two.

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