Holy Herkimers is that a free gift?

Holy Herkimers is that a free gift?


herkimer diamonds

You heard that right. Read on..


 I don't think I know anyone who wouldn't want a free pair of handmade, herkimer diamond earrings. Well, maybe someone without pierced ears... but that's it!

herkimer earrings

As a gift to you, I am running a promotion for a FREE pair of herkimer diamond earrings!

Specifically these herkimer diamond studs

free gift

Here's how to get your free gift...

You will get ONE FREE PAIR of herkimer diamond stud earrings with every purchase of £45 ($60USD) and over and here's what you need to do to get them:
  • Add herkimer diamond earrings to your cart.
  • Add items totalling £45 or more to your cart.
  • Enter code: Heckyesherkimers at checkout when you are ready to pay.
And that's it!
Your earrings will ship out with order :)

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