I created Amy Ambrose jewellery in early 2015 under the name Callirrhoe Jewellery and it has evolved from tumbled stones in copper settings to the precious metals and gemstones that you see me using today.

I am self-taught in jewellery making and my beginnings happened quite unintentionally after graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Illustration, I chose to turn my hand to jewellery after dabbling in making throughout my undergrad years.


Every piece of Amy Ambrose jewellery is lovingly made using traditional and modern techniques that I have learnt along my way.

It begins with excited conversations with clients, illustrations and a trove of gemstones.  My hand fabricated pieces are crafted entirely from scratch using a variety of forging techniques from melting alloys in a crucible to rolling and drawing the wire from an ingot. Some more complex designs are sketched and sent to a special team of CAD/CAM designers who transform my illustrations into a wax mold where it is immortalized into precious metal using the lost wax casting method.


It is important to me that I never use any product or tool containing animal products in my studio. I work only with businesses I trust and support, working directly with gem cutters and responsible stone dealers.
All of my precious metals are certified as 100% recycled and are refined in the USA. It is a point of pride that no newly mined metals have been pulled from the earth to create an Amy Ambrose treasure.
In 2020 I gained an AJP credential from the respected Gemological Institute of America and am a GIA Accredited Jewelry Professional.

Drop me an email and or complete my Custom Design Questionnaire to get started on your dream design 


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My big man, Louie who lives with my UK family and was rescued from the streets of Greece and queen of the castle, Cindy whom we took in when she needed a new home.