Custom-made is the ultimate pursuit for people that know exactly what they want but can't find it anywhere

- Amy

Meet the maker

Amy Ambrose Amy Ambrose is a multi-disciplinary artist and designer hailing from Great Britain.

Since 2015, Amy has created distinctive pieces that leverage unique gemstones and precious metals.

With an emphasis on one-of-a-kind, she is best known for her ceremonial and cluster stone rings. Each piece is uniquely handmade in Amy’s Sacramento, California studio, using traditional and self-taught fabrication techniques.
Amy’s conscious effort to decrease her footprint on planet Earth is reflected in her choice to use plastic-free packaging, 100% recycled alloys and a growing keenness for lab-grown gemstones.

Her studio is 100% vegan-friendly.
Her creative process is intuitive and is most commonly inspired by the unusual stones in her collection.
Amy Ambrose
Amy Ambrose

From Amy:

"I am fueled by my passion for the Earth's wonders, including small intricacies and imperfections that serve to charm. My creativity stems from unconventional beauty, whether it's in a rare material or the magic of nature. My work reflects my environment and I am always open to new discoveries and the beauty around me. My inspiration comes from the historical allure of jewels and the fleeting nature of life. Each piece of jewelry I create is a reflection of this uniqueness, meant to evoke a sense of wonder and become a modern classic, handcrafted to be treasured for generations to come."


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