Jewellery Care

Handmade jewellery needs to be cared for! It is not indestructible but if you treat it well, it will last a lifetime.

For cleaning all my rings, I suggest using a soft toothbrush with hot water and soap and gently scrubbing around the piece. Do not push the bristles up into the stones but allow the gentle scrubbing motion to remove grime and dirt from underneath the settings. Sparkly and gorgeous again, yay!

If you haven't worn your sterling piece in a while and it has slightly tarnished, then I recommend purchasing one of those impregnated polishing cloths specifically for jewellery, such as Sunshine cloths.

Fine chains are beautiful but not meant for wearing to bed. Make sure your fine chains are removed before all items of other clothing and that they are the last item to be put on.

Remove your jewellery before any heavy activity such as sports, gardening, swimming etc.

Do not attempt to bend or move any parts of your jewellery, metal is strong but repeated exertions such as bending will make it brittle and break.

Store your jewellery in the ring or box provided or in a dedicated jewellery box.

Porous stones such as opal and turquoise require special attention. They are particularly sensitive to chemicals, perfumes, moisturizers and heat. Do not apply face creams or handle even mild chemical products etc while wearing theses stones. 

You can re-oxidise your favorite rustic pieces, just drop me a line and I'll give you a little guide on how to go about it.