The Sojourner Collection - Kinetic jewellery for the eternal fidget.

Introducing the Callirrhoe Jewellery winter 2016/17 collection 

○○ S O J O U R N E R ○○

An 8 piece collection with free-moving parts, providing the wearer with an experience that goes beyond your everyday jewellery.


This kinetic jewellery collection was born out of frustration at my inability to stop picking my nails. I thought to myself "what if I had something in my hand to distract myself from wanting to bite and pick my nails so short?"
The collection was born.


It started with a spinner ring and developed into 8 strong pieces that you can flick, twist or roll between your fingers whenever you feel the urge. 
Comprising of two necklaces, two pairs of earrings and four rings, this is a collection for those of us who fiddle and fidget when we are anxious, nervous or just bored.
I tried out the first piece - The Sojourner Spinner Ring - over the summer and, after 31 years of constant nail picking/biting, I can finally grow my nails longer than 1mm without wanting to rip them to shreds! I was so pleasantly surprised that I could wear the solution to my annoying habit. Of course, I still get the urge to pick but wearing a piece of jewellery that allows for the compulsive movement of my fingers has granted me that redirection I needed for my restless hands. 
I wanted this collection to also reflect the current style I enjoy working in - that is - extremely rustic with maximum texture. Left oxidised, the more you play with your pieces, the brighter they will become!  
Here's a preview of the collection I will be releasing tomorrow 02/10/16
The pieces will range from £35-£105

moving ringrolling ringflicking ring
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