• Katie's Ring •

Lovely Katie is my cousin-in-law. For Katie's ring she initially wanted a rustic turquoise piece. She chose three raw turquoise nuggets and a rustic prong setting. It was a little out of my usual style but I enjoy a change of pace sometimes. I sourced the turquoise from Mexico - which sentimentally is where her partner is from - and carefully hand picked the raw nuggets. The ring turned out wonderfully rustic and we were all happy.
Unfortunately, horror struck when soon after she received the ring, she hit it against a surface by accident and it popped a stone out. This was only a few days before she was attending her ceremony - oh no! Luckily she found someone local to fix it in time.
After the ceremony, I urged her to return the ring to see if I could add any extra prongs or secure the stones. Katie was not a fan of bezel settings and I thought we might have the option of flattening the underside of the stones to help secure a more even prong setting. However, too much of the stone would need to be cut away so it wasn't feasible.
We both decided it would be best if Katie opted for a more traditional setting and stones. I felt if a prong had bent so easily within a few weeks of wear that it wouldn't stand the test of time and I only want my best work out there.
Silver is a beautiful metal but it is soft compared to gold and especially so when grasping raw stones. 
This is a good example as to why we should all assess how heavy we are on our jewellery. Personally I am extremely heavy on my jewellery. I have hand cut stones for my engagement ring but they are set in gold which is much hardier than silver. 
Katie decided for her new ring she wanted an orange/pale amber theme. She loves bright oranges and loved a previous ring I'd made with an orange zircon. I pulled out a suite of 5 stones comprising of zircons and sapphires that complimented each other and set to work creating various layouts.
Above is the layout Katie chose and below is the piece halfway to being made!
The final piece came together so beautifully and is so sparkly and eye-catching! !
cluster ringcluster setting
This is the piece Katie will be wearing forever and she also gets to wear her turquoise piece when the occasion takes her
cluster setting orange sapphirecluster ring
cluster ring
Isn't it gorgeous?
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