November Spotlight - Topaz

I love the idea of birthstones, whether it's a Hallmark invention or not, I feel like a lot of us identify with the stones of our birth month.
This month's birthstone is topaz. Take a look at the pieces I have in store that will reflect a beautiful alternative to regular birthstone jewellery...
1) The Raw Imperial Topaz Ring
Callirrhoe Jewellery raw topaz ring
2) The Sky Blue Topaz Ring
Callirrhoe Jewellery sky blue topaz ring
3) Rustic Set Imperial Topaz
Callirrhoe Jewellery rustic set imperial topaz ring
4) Double golden topaz ring
Callirrhoe Jewellery double gemstone ring
5) Golden Topaz Nugget Choker
Callirrhoe Jewellery golden topaz nugget choker
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