Product Spotlight: Lake Mckenzie Necklace

Product Spotlight: Lake Mckenzie Necklace

Goodness I love this piece. Bright sumptuous blues complemented by the subtle addition of 14k gold and the polished sterling silver prongs.

I made this piece with the image of Lake McKenzie in my mind. It's a stunning paradise-esque freshwater lake situated on Fraser Island. I visited many years ago when I was backpacking through Australia. 

Each element of this necklace represents a part of that place.  The hand cut slice of turquoise and dark lab grown spinel represent the gradient colour of the water, the green, natural sapphire represents the surrounding bush. The pale blue spinel is the sky and the gold nuggets represent the shoreline.

This is an extra special necklace for an extra special person. Perhaps you know someone with a September or December birthday who loves spectacular nature? This necklace would be the perfect gift. 

If you ever get the chance to visit Fraser Island then do so. It's such a magical place.

You can purchase the Lake McKenzie necklace here.


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