• Susanna's Ring •

• Susanna's Ring •

Susanna came to me via email after seeing a ring I made for my dear friend Mary and fell in love.

custom aquamarine ring

I set to work picking out the perfect stones. Mary's ring had a raw zircon as the main stone but Susanna chose a unique aquamarine that I personally cut and polished myself.

aquamarine ring

I then curated matching sapphires and a stunning brilliant cut zircon with a sparkle that I've never seen before.

sapphire cluster ring

Something super unique about this ring and what I want to continue doing is adding a "hidden" sapphire at the bottom of the band. 

flush set sapphire

It makes for a magical little addition and is just for the wearer, a beautiful little secret.

Something else unique about this ring is the salt-cast sterling silver nugget. This is achieved by casting molten silver straight into salt! No result is the same and you can work the process over and over until you create the perfect shape. From that perfect shape you can select an even more perfect shape and saw, file and solder to perfectly fit your piece. It's a process I love because it certifies the piece as being a true one of a kind.

custom ring

If you love this ring and want something similar for yourself or someone you love then get in touch!

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