Salt and Pepper Diamond + Silver Anniversary

I have been eagerly anticipating the gift-giving of this amazing salt and pepper diamond piece I created for a silver anniversary.

Salt and pepper diamond

How amazing is it that two people can choose to be together for 25 years? I was honoured to be able to create something that reflects such a long lasting relationship.

salt and pepper diamond ring

For the 25th wedding anniversary, silver is traditionally given as a gift. We opted for a very non-traditional salt and pepper diamond with a heptagon cut - representing the strong and lasting foundation of a good marriage and set it in rustic silver with a matching stacking ring to accent it.

Black diamond ring

I adore how this piece came out, it's simple with two heavy prongs allowing the diamond to sparkle fully. Low profile with an open back this piece is going to get lots of daily wear, I know it.

salt and pepper diamond

salt and pepper diamond ring