The Asterix Ring - kinetic jewellery

The Asterix ring is a kinetic jewellery design with calmness and serenity as its goal.  It's a free-moving circle anchored by two smaller circles, on a 2mm wide shank, with a decorative brass bauble perched on one of the anchors.
The premise of this ring is to occupy the hands during times of stress, anxiety, boredom or general restlessness. The act of turning the circle creates a slow and repetitive motion and can help foster a meditative frame of mind when you are deep in thought.
If you allow yourself to focus on the movement, it could help relieve stress, boredom or anxiety. It can act as your habit-breaking totem, redirecting destructive habits and thoughts.
Take a look at the Asterix here
Asterix ring kinetic jewellery
kinetic ring
kinetic ring by Callirrhoe Jewellery