Ethical Stuff

Ethical Metals

Nobody is perfect but here at Amy Ambrose I am committed to causing the least amount of harm possible. I only use recycled precious metals from domestic refineries whom are RJC (Responsible Jewellery Council) certified. They are no less high quality than newly mined metals but do not have the extensive environmental and social impact that gold mining can have on this beautiful Earth. Go green or go home, baby!

Responsibly Sourced Gems

I primarily choose my gemstones for their natural beauty and sparkle but it is important to me that, when called upon, my suppliers are able to provide information on exactly where that stone or stones came from. I source most of my sapphires directly from a family run gem cutters in Thailand. Any diamonds I use in my work adhere strictly and most times exceed the requirements for the Kimberley Process and where possible, I use Canadian diamonds to keep my carbon footprint down.


My proprietary technique of creating moon-surface like textures is one of my favourite ways to add interest to my pieces.  A mixture of fusing, reticulating and hammering creates a unique set of textures that are finely polished offering a subtle and elegantly rustic finish. None of this includes any animal products, ever.

All my packaging materials are eco-friendly, and all but the foam inserts of my gift boxes are recyclable. I will soon be offering sustainably sourced, luxury gift boxes that will be as beautifully crafted as your piece of jewellery.