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Amethyst Flat Rock Ring - Raw Amethyst on an oxidized silver band

Amethyst Flat Rock Ring - Raw Amethyst on an oxidized silver band

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This beautiful and unique Amethyst ring is a stunning piece of rustic jewelry, featuring a semi-raw amethyst set in a rough and organic design.

The hand-cut raw amethyst is perfectly showcased in a hammered bezel with intentional and natural texturing, giving it a beautiful appearance that perfectly complements the oxidized silver band. The band is crafted from reticulated silver, adding to the earthy, rustic feel of this organic ring.

Whether you're a fan of raw and natural beauty or simply looking for a statement piece that's truly one-of-a-kind, this raw amethyst ring is sure to turn heads.

With its combination of rough textures, oxidized silver, and bright  amethyst, this ring is the perfect accessory for those who appreciate the beauty of the earth.

Size 7 1/4 

100% recycled sterling silver.

Please note: I have tried to capture the true vibrancy of the amethyst in indoor and outdoor lighting but not everyone is going to have the same lighting or screen settings as me. The richness of the amethyst can only truly be appreciated in person and the photos, in my opinion, don't do it justice. This amethyst is best admired in bright or indirect light at any time of the day, making it a truly special stone.

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