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Angelique Ring

Angelique Ring

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A posey of vibrant sapphires nested next to a perfect rose quartz cabochon, set in 14k yellow gold prongs and bezel in solid base settings on an organic speckled texture sterling silver band that narrows at the shoulders. The gold bezel holding the rose quartz has been carefully hand textured with a hammer and a punch tool I made myself.

I hand selected the sapphires in this piece to be vibrant and uplifting whilst also complimenting the glowing rose quartz. The colours give a west coast sunset energy and truly shines in all types of light but my favourite is viewing them in warm incandescent light.


Size 6

Setting measures 13mm across end to end.

Cannot be resized.

Sapphires originate from Sri Lanka and Thailand.

All metals  are 100% recycled alloys, no new gold or silver.

Please note: I have tried to capture the true vibrancy of these sapphires in indoor and outdoor lighting but not everyone is going to have the same lighting or screen settings as me. The colours may show darker in indoor ambient light. They are beautifully sparkly in person and at certain angles really capture and hold onto the light and in my opinion the photos don't do the stones justice, they have a vibrancy in person I cannot quite capture in pictures. They are best admired in incandescent light and bright outdoor light.

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