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Aqua Aura Ring - Moissanite and sapphire

Aqua Aura Ring - Moissanite and sapphire

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Deep in a serene lake, surrounded by lush greenery and shimmering waters, resides a beautiful mermaid. Her iridescent teal tail glistens in the sunlight, as she sings enchanting melodies to the creatures of the lake. Her home is a treasure trove of natural beauty, with mossy rocks and vibrant foliage lining the water's edge. It was from this serene oasis that the inspiration for the Aqua Aura Ring was born.

This ring features a stunning bezel-set teal moissanite, reminiscent of the mermaid's shimmering tail. Two pale green sapphires are playfully set in bubbly prongs, capturing the essence of the mermaid's carefree spirit. The brushed metal texture of the recycled sterlium and sterling silver band adds a touch of organic warmth to the piece, while the overall design evokes the tranquility of the mermaid's lake home.

Wearing the Teal Moissanite Ring is like being transported to the mermaid's serene world, surrounded by the natural beauty of the lake and its surroundings. The ring's mesmerizing green hues pay homage to the mermaid's underwater world, evoking a sense of magic and wonder.


6mm teal moissanite

2.5-3mm pale green sapphires

Size: 7 - a complimentary resize is available before shipping

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