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Bellflower Amethyst ring set

Bellflower Amethyst ring set

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A hand cut premium quality amethyst shaped and polished organically revealing its best version of itself.

Truly one of the richest purple hues I've come across in amethyst. Bezel set in sterling silver and accented with two cornflower tanzanites in 14k yellow gold and all polished to a mirror finish.

The band is a smooth, flat profile with organic speckle texture with each indentation representing one hammer and punch strike, all done  by hand.

Completing the gemstone ring are two hand-fabricated half round bands in sterling silver, hammer textured  and matte finished to compliment the centrepiece. The half round shape was created with several hundred hammer strikes


Each ring  is a size 7 but stacked together feels like a 6

Amethyst measures 10mm x 7mm

Tanzanites are 3mm each

Can't be resized.


All metals  are 100% recycled alloys, no new gold or silver.

Please note: I have tried to capture the true vibrancy of the amethyst in indoor and outdoor lighting but not everyone is going to have the same lighting or screen settings as me. The richness of the amethyst can only truly be appreciated in person and the photos, in my opinion, don't do it justice. This amethyst is best admired in bright or indirect light at any time of the day, making it a truly special stone.

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