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Gaia Aquamarine Ring

Gaia Aquamarine Ring

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A one-of-a-kind aquamarine set in the Gaia style with 14k yellow gold claws with granulation accents each individually placed and soldered into position. The band is organically textured  with a mix of fused elements and hammer strikes.

This aquamarine was hand cut by me to create a strong geometric shape that evokes feelings of power and strength. I find each stone tells me a little story of itself and from there I cut and polish to what is feel is most natural to the gem itself. To me, this is the  most organic way to wear a cut stone.

The Gaia Aquamarine ring is sure to imbue the wearer with mystical abilities to seek the truth. This is a truly one-of-a-kind ring and stone.

Created using only 100% recycled alloys.

This ring is hand fabricated with the claws carefully laid out to be both minimal and strong enough to keep the beautiful clear quartz captured.


The band measures 2.5mm in width

This piece is a size 6 and comes with a complimentary resizing if required.

Stone measures approx.: 14mmx8mm

Sterling silver and 14k yellow gold, 100% recycled.

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