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*For Other Jewelers* Custom Jewelry Order Form Template

*For Other Jewelers* Custom Jewelry Order Form Template

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Get your custom jewelry orders organized with this versatile printable digital download template.

Perfect for custom rings and necklaces, simply write a description of your commission and circle/write the info that applies to the order. See the example photo for details.

As a jeweler myself, I needed an order form template specific to the niche of custom jewelry. I created this template years ago and have used it for every single commission since. I've updated it a little so that it can be used for necklaces as well and rings but it works perfectly well for all kinds of jewelry. The description box is ample and provides a quick doodle box to remind yourself what you are working on.

I have included a booklet layout for you, you can simply print as many pages as you want, turn the paper over and print again, voila! An order booklet ready to fill.
As a perennial DIYer I watched a YouTube video on how to bookbind a lay-flat book, but you can easily fold a group of pages in half and staple the middle.

This download includes instructions on how to access this template via a link to Canva. You will need to have or register an account with Canva, it's totally free and from there you can add your logo, change your font etc. Save it into any format you need and use it on any app or print it out and fill it out by hand (my personal favorite way to use it).

I hope you find this editable order form easy to use and it helps you stay organized :)

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