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Enchanted Waters Necklace - Peruvian Opal

Enchanted Waters Necklace - Peruvian Opal

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In the heart of the ocean, where the sun's rays dance upon the waves and the mermaids' songs echo in the currents, lies a hidden treasure unlike any other. The Enchanted Waters necklace, a raw hand-cut Peruvian opal, adorned with pastel sapphires.

The protective rustic bezel settings around each stone resemble the intricate branches of coral, embracing and protecting the precious gems like a loving sea creature, as if the mermaid herself plucked them from the ocean floor.

Strung on an 18" sterling silver rope chain and finished with a brushed-metal texture for the ultimate organic undersea treasure.


8mm raw Peruvian opal

2-2.7mm sapphires

Sterling and sterlium silver, 100% recycled

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