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Evanora | Arkansas Quartz Ring #2

Evanora | Arkansas Quartz Ring #2

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Introducing Evanora, the whimsical and witchy Arkansas quartz ring.

Hand fossicked quartz from Arkansas USA is cut and shaped to size leaving raw facets and a natural crystal shape where possible, and turned into a wearable magical quartz ring.

Set with oversized claw prongs made from silver and 14k gold to contrast, and accented with flush set red sapphires on the shoulders of an oxidised sterling silver band.

The unique surface texture of the band will hold the oxidation and as it is worn more often, it will wear away from the raised areas to reveal the burnished silver beneath.

Each Evanora ring is a one-of-a-kind and vibrates with its own beautiful energy. Every piece has a different prong layout unique to the stone so it can be held in place securely.

Size 7 1/2 and can be resized.


About Arkansas quartz:

Arkansas quartz is known for its effervescent energies, its "water clear" translucency and its piezoelectric (pie-EE-zoh-electric) properties; this simply means that when a crystal is squeezed, it puts of a little bit of electricity! 

At specific angles, the quartz crystal can be cut and compressed to induce different vibrations; therefore, it is not unreasonable to claim that quartz crystal can be said to "vibrate" energy. Quartz crystal is used in watches and electronics for this very reason.

Arkansas quartz was coveted during WWII when there was an urgent need for for electronic-grade crystal for use in chronometers, radios, radars, bombsights, and other instruments.

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