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Her Ring - Oval Lab Grown Morganite Ring

Her Ring - Oval Lab Grown Morganite Ring

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Capture the essence of the ocean at sunset with this sparkling lab-grown morganite ring, nestled in an east-west bezel setting with granulation accents in brushed sterlium and sterling silver.

Inspired by the mystical world of mermaids, this ring radiates the magical allure of a treasure under the sea. The morganite stone features a delicate peachy-pink hue, reminiscent of the colors of a tropical island seashell.

The faceted cut reflects light beautifully, giving it a mesmerizing quality. The textured bezel setting offers protection and a modern touch while the granulation accents add texture and whimsy, making it a unique and captivating piece.

Crafted from recycled sterlium and sterling silver, this ring is perfect for everyday wear. The brushed finish adds subtle texture, enhancing its natural and organic feel, as if it were something a mermaid might wear; it is "her" ring.


9x7mm lab-grown morganite (hydrothermal)

size: 7 (complimentary resizing available prior to shipping)

Half-round band profile: 3mm wide

About hydrothermal lab gems:  hydrothermal morganite is a type of lab-grown morganite that is created using a hydrothermal process. In this process, a solution of beryl is placed in a high-pressure chamber with water and other chemicals. The solution is then heated, and the resulting crystals are morganite. Hydrothermal morganite is chemically and physically identical to natural morganite, but it is more affordable and environmentally friendly.

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