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Land + Sea Stacking Ring

Land + Sea Stacking Ring

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In the heart of the ocean, where the land meets the sea, lies a place where two worlds collide, and the magic of the unknown is unveiled. Among the treasures of this mystical realm, there is a treasure that stands out - the Land + Sea stacking ring.

Crafted with care and curiosity, this ring features a unique design that captures the essence of the ocean and the land. The rustic and rugged texture of half the ring represents the untamed earth, while the smooth and polished half reflects the calm and serenity of the sea.

Wearing the Land + Sea ring is like witnessing the gradual transformation of land by the sea. The oxidized patina fades away, revealing the shimmering silver underneath, while the blackened recesses retain the mystery of the deep ocean floor

The ring's design is inspired by the mermaid's realm, where the two worlds merge and the magic of the unknown is brought to life.

Hand forged in sterlium silver and made to order - please allow 2 weeks before shipping 

Listing is for one ring, if you require a half size let me know by leaving a note at checkout.

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