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Mermaid's Dream - Morganite Sapphire Ring

Mermaid's Dream - Morganite Sapphire Ring

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Once upon a time, in the heart of the ocean, where the sunlight danced and the waves shimmered like diamonds, there was a secret world where mermaids swam in the sparkling waters. And among the treasures of the sea, there was a treasure that stood out - the Mermaid's Dream ring.

Crafted with undersea magic and care, this ring features a hand-cut raw morganite, delicately set in a bezel, surrounded by soft pink and purple sapphires, set in bubbly round prongs and a brushed metal finish.

The soft hues of the gemstones evoke the beauty of the mermaid's underwater kingdom, capturing the essence of the sea's enchantment.


10mm raw hand cut morganite (natural)

2-3mm sapphires

Size: 7

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