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Mermaid's Treasure - Peruvian opal ring

Mermaid's Treasure - Peruvian opal ring

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Journey to the South Pacific ocean and discover the enchanting beauty of the Mermaid's Treasure Peruvian Opal Ring.

A rare and raw, hand-cut Peruvian opal takes center stage, evoking the serene and tranquil waters of the undersea realm. Set in a bezel, the opal's natural glowing beauty is further accentuated by the delicate pastel pink and lilac sapphires, aquamarine and tanzanite that surround it, like tiny schools of fish darting around a coral reef.

The combination of the silver and gemstones creates an ethereal and romantic feel, as if the ring was plucked straight from a mermaid's treasure trove.


12mm Peruvian opal

2mm aquamarine

2mm tanzanite

2-2.5mm sapphires

Size 7 

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