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Saturn Night Sky ring

Saturn Night Sky ring

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A unique and totally one-of-a-kind ring. Organically textured sterling silver in a matte finish, beset with teeny and highly coveted padparadscha sapphires randomly positioned around the piece.

Each sapphire is flush set into the band, not an easy thing to do on a three-dimensional surface!

This ring reminds me of a starry night on another world. I envision a sky filled with pink twinkling stars next to a couple of silvery moons. Dreamy.

This piece is made to a size 8 and it's possible to resize up to 2 sizes up or down but no more due to the nature of the settings.


The band measures 6.5mm in width

Stones measure 2mm, flush set.

This is a wonderfully wearable ring, a quarter turn this or that way will reveal more sapphires.


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