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Siren's Lullaby Necklace - Rose Quartz

Siren's Lullaby Necklace - Rose Quartz

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As the sun sets over the ocean, and the waves begin to dance in the moonlight, a mermaid emerges from the depths of the sea, adorned with the mystical Siren's Lullaby necklace.

Crafted with love, this necklace features a domed rose quartz, set in an organic textured bezel, with three pastel Sapphires to accent its ethereal beauty.

The brushed metal finish of the necklace captures the essence of the mermaid's spirit, making it the perfect accessory for any ocean lover. With its enchanting design and magical energy, the Siren's Lullaby necklace is a treasure that will transport you to the mermaid's underwater realm, where dreams become reality.



6mm rose quartz cabochon

2-2.5mm sapphires

Sterling and sterlium silver, 100% recycled

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