The Mermaid Collection

The Mermaid Collection

oval morganite set east-west in a bezel
opal and rose quartz pendants in sand
Creating my Mermaid Collection was a dream come true. From the moment I came up with the idea, I knew that it would be a labor of love. The design process was intuitive-led, meaning that I let my creativity guide me, rather than sticking to a strict plan.

One of the most exciting aspects of this collection was using stones from my current collection. I was able to gather some beautiful pieces and incorporate them into the new designs. It felt like breathing new life into old friends, ones that had been sitting in a drawer untouched for years just waiting to show their beauty.

flush set sapphire in textured oxidized silver ring

As I worked with the raw and faceted stones, I began to see a theme emerge. I envisioned an underwater world full of mermaids, and I knew that I had to bring that vision to life. Each piece was designed with the mermaid theme in mind, but also designed to stand alone as a unique and beautiful work of art.

morganite rings, raw and faceted with sapphire accents
Land + Sea stacking rings, half polished half rugged

Creating the perfect setting for photographing the pieces was also an adventure. I wanted to capture the essence of the ocean, but I didn't have a tropical oasis beach nearby. So, I got creative and made my own DIY "beach" setup in my backyard. It was a bit of a challenge, but I had so much fun doing it!

Diy beach set up
Throughout the process, I enjoyed bringing my followers along for the ride. I shared behind-the-scenes glimpses of my studio and the creation process on Instagram, and it was amazing to see the excitement and enthusiasm from my community. During a time when social media is favoring fast-paced content it meant the world to me to receive excited messages and comments as I meticulously created each piece.
soldering a pendantsoldering a ringsetting amethyst
When the pieces were finally finished, I couldn't wait to share them with the world. They felt so magical and special to me, and I hoped that others would feel the same way.
amethyst and sapphire ring

Launch day yesterday was exhilarating, and I was blown away by the positive feedback and support from my customers and followers.

Peruvian opal and sapphire necklace
A couple pieces have already been snapped up with plenty of one of a kind treasures waiting to be discovered. Each piece is crafted with care and a little bit of mermaid-magic, so I'm excited to see who they will resonate with.


I have a feeling there's someone out there who needs to add a little bit of that mermaid magic to their jewelry collection.


If that's you, head over to my website to explore the remaining pieces and find the one that speaks to your soul. I can't wait to see where these enchanting pieces end up.

Now that the Mermaid Collection has launched, I'm already thinking about the next theme for my next collection. I can't wait to see where my intuition will lead me next and what new creations I'll be able to share with all of you. Stay tuned for more!
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